Sponsorship Opportunities

The North West Cricket Association organises regular cricket competitions for over 3000 players in 34 clubs and 22 grades from Under 10 to Veterans. The Association has identified three kinds of sponsorship through which a business can ensure its message reaches a clearly defined target audience:

Brand Recognition

Everybody in and around a cricket match from time to time looks at the scoring page. The NWCA produces its own scorebooks and so is able to place your logo or slogan on each and every scoring page, ensuring it will be seen frequently by all our players, supporters and officials.

Get Them In Your Door

We are able to include a season's supply of "player of the week" vouchers in every scorebook. If the nature of your business enables you to provide some low marginal cost give-away or highly attractive discount, then you can be assured that just about every player will win one or two of your vouchers during the season.

Hearts and Minds

In four of our six competition levels, the Association conducts extensive development programs which use inter-association matches as their focus to bring together our elite players. These programs have high visibility, especially with opinion leaders, and an associated sponsor will become widely recognised as supporting a valuable service.

A Package of Benefits

In addition to the selected form of sponsorship, each organisation taking any of our sponsorship packages will be identified in an individual panel on the front cover of the scorebook, in our fortnightly newsletter and on our Internet site. Those panels enable our sponsors to provide an extra level of promotional information.

Target Your Audience

Depending on the nature of your business, you may particularly benefit from targeting one or more of our six competition levels, each of which has its own scorebook.

SectionScheduled CompetitionDevelopment Program
Under 10introduces youngsters and parents to the basics without any ongoing recognition of competitive achievement.
Under 12introduces ladders, finals, averages.Participation in the Melbourne-wide Mitchell Shield and I.A.C.C..
Under 14introduces two day matches and final fours.Steps up a notch in 1997-98 with our entry into the I.A.C.C.
Under 16is almost as competitive as senior cricket.Takes our best prospects into the V.S.S.S.A and I.A.C.C..
Open Age
Two Day
features our 12 strongest teams in Luscombe Shield and aspirants in lower grades.Provides our Under 21 team in the Neil Wright Shield.
Open Age
One Day &
provides a more social game for a growing clientelle for whom recreation is more important than competition.