Cricket in Postcode 3037

As of April 1997, there does not appear to be a single cricket wicket in the whole of postcode 3037--the rapidly developing suburban area encompassing Sydenham, Delahey and the Melton East corridor.

During the winter of 1997, the North West Cricket Association proposes to coordinate a meeting of groups interested in ensuring that a cricket club can be established to serve this area and that appropriate facilities will be made available as required.

Currently, the 3037 area comprises numerous individually named subdivisions, many with their own separate access off the Melton Highway. Despite the ragged border that divides the postcode between the municipalities of Brimbank and Melton, planned and likely internal connecting roads must eventually provide greater integration. However, left to its own devices, there is every possibility that the relatively advanced Delahey subdivision will find its main ties south across Taylors Road with the Kings Park area of West St. Albans, rather than north to Sydenham proper.

In relatively recent times, the clay paddock that was Sydenham Reserve on the Melton Highway provided the original home to Taylors Lakes Cricket Club which services the 3038 postcode area immediately to the east and which now runs 17 teams and a Have A Go clinic on school grounds in Taylors Lakes and Keilor Downs. Sydenham Reserve was eventually converted to two soccer fields which are soon to be replaced by new purpose built soccer fields in Robertsons Road so the old reserve can be repurposed to fit the needs of the gigantic Water Gardens shopping complex under construction opposite.

There are currently three potential sites for cricket grounds in 3037. A sprinklered oval area behind the Overton Lea Community Centre is big enough for Australian Rules football, let alone cricket, but the surface is a little too rough for active sport and would need to be top dressed before a cricket wicket could be sensibly installed. Newly formed potential playing fields still at the bare earth stage are apparent at the corner of Copperfield and Yeats Drives in Delahey and at the corner of Royal Crescent and Landscape Drive in Bellevue Hill Estate, at the western end of the estates north of Melton Highway. A future connection between Overton Lea Boulevard and Copperfield Drive would put the first two mentioned parks only minutes apart.

Invitations for the proposed meeting should be issued to: